HOX A2 partial thread

  • Material: Stainless steel A2
  • Thread design: Partial thread
  • Drive type: HOX
  • Number of bits: 1 PCS

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HOX drive

  • The perfect fit of the bit gives the bit a long life

  • Perfect power transmission prevents damage to the head and surface (no corrosion)

  • No driving out effect for greatly improved working comfort (no wobbling)

  • Holding effect thanks to ogival geometry (sticking effect), increases productivity by saving processing time

  • Can be used with commercially available TX bits (the specified advantages of the HOX bit are lost)

HOX head stamping

  • Recognition of the manufacturer and product line

Countersunk head with milling pockets

  • Flush-mounted countersinking of the screw head resulting in a perfect appearance

  • Low chipping on the surface reduces damage to the head and the component surface (no corrosion)

  • Rarely damages coated materials

  • Little power and effort required thanks to easy and clean countersinking of the screw head

  • Suitable for wood and fittings

Under-head reinforcement

  • Safe for the user thanks to high resistance to breaking

Optimised thread geometry

  • Always delivers the optimal processing speed for every screw length

  • Up to 40% faster processing

30° tip with recessed second thread

  • Low splitting force thanks to boring effect

  • Reduced tendency to split when used at edges which enables edge connections

  • Screw has an extremely fast bite

High-quality A2 stainless steel

  • For indoor and outdoor applications

Sliding coating

  • Easy and clean to screw in

  • Less power and effort required

The HOX A2 stainless steel is a universal professional screw for a variety of applications, especially wood-to-wood connections both indoors and outdoors.

We recommend pre-drilling and pre-countersinking for an absolutely perfect appearance.

The user is responsible for design considerations.

  • Material: Stainless steel A2
  • Thread design: Partial thread
  • Drive type: HOX
  • Number of bits: 1 PCS