Joist hanger, 2 pieces

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The two-piece joist hanger is used for connecting secondary beams and main beams made of solid wood and laminated wood.

When connecting joist hangers to wood or wood materials, anchor nails (ring shank nails) are to be used of dia. 4.0 mm.
All minimum distance requirements must be met. It should also be noted that the height of the secondary support must not exceed 1.5 times the height of the joist hanger.
Installation must be carried out in accordance with the approval certificate.

The nails used in the mounting of joist hangers must comply with EN 14592: Use of special nails of load rating class III according to DIN 1052:2004-08, Section 12.8(5).
In this respect, we recommend using our anchor nails (load rating class III according to DIN 1052-2)!