Heavy-duty anchor

  • Material: Steel
  • Drive type: Hexagon
  • Surface: Zinc plated

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The permissible values for tensile load under fire load can be found in the approval.

The heavy-duty anchor SZ is suitable for single fixing in the medium- and heavy-duty range: Anchorage with European Technical Approval in cracked concrete (tension zone) and non-cracked concrete (compression zone).
For this reason, the following applies to fixings with heavy-duty anchor:
The anchor has European Technical Approval for anchorage in reinforced or unreinforced standard concrete with a strength class of min. C20/25 and max. C50/60 in accordance with EN 206:2000-12
For use in concrete C20/25 and pressure-resistant natural stone (without approval)
The heavy-duty anchor may only be used in dry indoor room conditions
Suitable for anchorages with predominantly static loads (e.g. tare weight, fittings, stored materials) or quasi-static loads (e. g. façade constructions, railings)
Can be used for fixing cable trays, metal structures, metal profiles, consoles, footboards, supports, pipes, railings, high-bay racks, machines etc.
In damp rooms and outdoors, non-corrosive materials must be used for mounting (DIN 18360, Section

Push-through installation

Drill the hole through the attachment part
Clean the drill hole
Knock in the heavy-duty anchor SZ with a hammer or machine setting tool
For final anchoring, apply torque with a torque wrench.

The installation must be carried out in accordance with the approval certificate!

Proofs of performance:

  • Material: Steel
  • Drive type: Hexagon
  • Surface: Zinc plated