Concrete screw

  • Material: Steel
  • Surface: Zinc plated
  • Thread design: Partial thread
  • Head type: Hexagon head
  • Drive type: Hexagon

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Hexagon head

  • Hexagon head ensures improved application of force when screwing in for fast and easy processing

  • Standard open-end or box-end wrenches are sufficient for processing

  • Pressed-on washer with locking teeth

  • Greater user safety and faster processing due to more secure connection from engagement in the material

Self-tapping double thread

  • Robust, form-fitting material connection ensures user safety

  • Higher pull-out values in comparison to concrete screws without double thread

Complete concrete screw

  • Shorter processing times when using in-place installation

  • Can be loaded immediately after installation

  • Combines high working loads with low axial spacing and edge distances (high pull-out values), which provides greater user safety

  • Can be completely removed quickly and easily

Fire resistance

  • Fire resistance R30, R60, R90 and R120 for M8-M16: Technical report TR020 "Evaluation of anchorages in concrete concerning resistance to fire" (included in ETA-11/0336)

The concrete screw is suitable for mounting in the medium and heavy load area: Anchorage with European Technical Approval in cracked concrete (tension zone) and non-cracked concrete (compression zone).
In damp rooms and outdoors, non-corrosive materials must be used for mounting (DIN 18360, Section
The following applies to mounting with a concrete screw:
The anchor has European Technical Approval for use in reinforced or unreinforced standard concrete only with a strength class of min. C20/25 and max. C50/60 in accordance with EN 206-1:2000-12
The anchor is only suitable for anchorages under static (e.g. tare weight, fittings, stored materials) or quasi-static (e.g. façade, railings) loading
The concrete screw may only be used in dry indoor room conditions
Can be used for mounting façades, window elements, railings, cable conduits, consoles, ladders, metal profiles, pipes, protective barriers, gates and temporary fixings of construction site equipment (e.g. building supports, scaffolding or fall protection)

1.) Create the drill hole
2.) Clean the drill hole
3.) Insert concrete screw and screw in
4.) To finally anchor the concrete screw...
5.) ...tighten with an impulse wrench or by hand
Installation must be carried out in accordance with the approval certificate!

  • Material: Steel
  • Surface: Zinc plated
  • Thread design: Partial thread
  • Head type: Hexagon head
  • Drive type: Hexagon