#INDUSTRIAL CLERK (M/F/D) | Optionally with additional qualification

Starting a career with a commercial apprenticeship gives you a broad footing right from the start. During your apprenticeship, you will get to know all areas of the company – from purchasing raw materials and parts for production to marketing and sales. Not to mention accounting, order processing and human resources. There is a lot to experience and plenty of impressions to amass. This allows you to see how things work together.


  • In-depth knowledge in material, production, sales and human resources management as well as in finance and accounting
  • Working with computer programmes and attending seminars
  • An apprenticeship with excellent support
  • You will play a role in day-to-day business and have your own areas of responsibility
  • Various projects


  • Advanced school leaving certificate, advanced technical college certificate or good intermediate school leaving certificate
  • Good knowledge of German and English
  • Solid basic knowledge in mathematics
  • Understanding of basic commercial contexts
  • Willingness to learn and ability to adapt to new situations
  • Friendliness, commitment and enjoyment of teamwork

Commercial School of Künzelsau or Öhringen | Starting 1 September of the year | 3 years


During the course of the apprenticeship, each participant will quickly discover where they can best put their own strengths to use and which field e.g. Purchasing, Sales they enjoy most. If your desire for learning doesn't wane after completing your apprenticeship, you could also continue your education to become an Expert Merchant (m/f/d) or Business Economist (m/f/d). Another option could be to complete an advanced technical college certificate with accompanying degree programme.


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