Angle connector with bar to ETA-09/0355

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The angle connector with a bar is mainly used in timber constructions and is particularly suitable for connections that have to transfer large forces. It allows easy connection of braces to purlins and shafts, to concrete or to steel.
Possible applications:
Position stability, absorption of lifting forces through wind loads, anti-tip protection of rafters on pitched roofs, stud connection on the sill plate, wall rails on supports etc.

To secure the angle connector with bar, anchor nails (ring shank nails) dia. 4.0 mm are used in accordance with EN 14592. In order to achieve optimum utilisation of the angles (which are not symmetrical around the bend line) and the anchor nails (ring shank nails) in the connections exposed to lifting forces, the angle connectors must be fitted as shown in the figure.
The bottom nail holes are not nailed out when connecting the purlins/angle connectors, and the beam/angle connector connection should be nailed as close as possible to the bending line. The number and length of the anchor nails (ring shank nails) must be selected according to the loads that occur in each case.
For static reasons, two angle connectors must be used, depending on the area of application.
Installation must be carried out in accordance with the approval certificate!